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    March of the Machine Prerelease Code | 6 Boosters

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    Buy this item to receive: 1 Digital MTGA MTG Arena Prerelease Code.
    (the code will be sent instantly to your email address).

    Code redemption will reward you with: 6 Digital Booster Packs (set March of the Machine MOM).

    The code will start working afther the new patch, arriving with the new set


    Bored of playing always the same decks? Do you want to expand your MTG Arena Card Collection? Do you need a few more wildcards to complete your desired deck?

    If you need help to redeem the codes, check out our help page about Redemption Code.

    Get more Booster Packs and Wildcards -for each 6 Booster Packs, you will get 1 Rare or Mythic Rare wildcard-.

    Check out our other MTG Arena Pack Codes. Keep in mind that you can redeem a prerelease code and 5 promo pack codes from each set in the same MTGA MTG Arena Account.

    Expiry and Limits

    Limit 1 MOM Prerelease Code per MTGA MTG Arena Account.
    Note no physical items, only digital booster packs.

    expires September 1, 2024

    Marcha de las Máquinas / Marsch der Maschine / L'Avanzata delle Macchine / L'invasion des Machines



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