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10% Off PACKS, DECKS & COSMECTICS (min. $9.95)

    About Us

    A look back…
    I discovered Magic The Gathering some years ago… I was very lucky to play Magic The Gathering in 1995. At this year, Magic arrived to Europe and I discovered this amazing game.

    Yes, I suffered the power of cards as Black Lotus, Moxes and other mythic cards. I played some tournaments with no bad results. I had in my collection near 30 Dual Lands and some Moxes (I sold everything except someones that appeared at my Father’s home)…

    Years later, I discover that Magic The Gathering was alive. I investigated something more and I discovered MTG Arena. I have been playing since Dominaria and Ravnica sets where I discovered the powerlevel of Planeswalkers…

    We started to buying some codes, when Covid arrived at our lives.
    Everything started with the FNM codes… then prerelease codes, after this, Secret Lair…
    We are loved in the sleeves. We have collected a bunch of them. After this, we asked us, why don’t sell codes?

    And with this, we started to investigate. We started to sell codes in eBay with thousands of codes sold and sent by our system… At the beginning, we sent the codes manually, waking up at night… Then, we improve until these days, where you are sleeping and people get their codes in few seconds after payment. You don´t have to wait until people wake up or back to send you your code (you bought one code on Friday and you get your code on Monday…).

    And now, we are glad to announced our webstore based in MTG Arena.
    We are proud of our catalog, working with the best suppliers to get the last products as soon as possible.

    The next weeks, we are going to add a lot of more information and products, giveaways and more. Always working to give the best service and with the better prices.

    Don´t forget to follow us on Twitter and share with your friends our webstore.

    Thanks a lot, and GG Team