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    Wild Wizardry Deck Code | Welcome Booster

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    Buy this item to receive: 1 Digital MTGA MTG Arena Deck Code.
    (the code will be sent instantly to your email address).

    Code redemption will reward you with the deck: Wild Wizardry (add all the cards from the deck listed below to your MTGA MTG Arena Card Collection.

    Note: some cards are not legal in Standard mode.


    Bored of playing always the same decks? Do you want to test and play new decks?

    If you need help to redeem the codes, check out our help page about Redemption Code.

    Check out the other decks with a similar power level - MTG Arena Deck Codes. Both the Starter Kit and Welcome Booster Decks are an excellent opportunity for beginners players to get cards and new decks.

    Expiry and Limits

    Limit 1 Code Redeemed per MTGA MTG Arena Account.
    Note no physical items, only digital cards.

    expires July 1, 2026

    - Decklist

    - Wild Wizardry - Blue / Red Deck

    Creature (14)
    Magmatic Channeler (Rare)

    Efreet Flamepainter (Rare)
    Prismari Apprentice
    Spectacle Mage
    Umara Mystic
    Chaos Channeler
    Maelstrom Muse

    Sorcery (13)
    Alrund's Epiphany (Mythic Rare)

    Roil Eruption
    Pigment Storm
    Song-Mad Treachery
    Magic Missile

    Instant (10)
    Prismari Command (Rare)

    Practical Research
    Into the Roil
    Silundi Vision

    Enchantment (1)
    Wizard Class

    Artifact (1)
    Wizard's Spellbook (Rare)

    Land (4)
    Prismari Campus



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