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10% Off PACKS, DECKS & COSMECTICS (min. $9.95)

    Starter Kit Deck Code (2 Decks) | 2022

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    Buy this item to receive: 1 Digital MTGA MTG Arena Deck Code.
    (the code will be sent instantly to your email address).

    Code redemption will reward you with the decks: Earth Shakers and Up and Away (add all the cards from the decks listed below to your MTGA MTG Arena Card Collection.


    Bored of playing always the same decks? Do you want to test and play new decks?

    If you need help to redeem the codes, check out our help page about Redemption Code.

    Check out the other decks with a similar power level - MTG Arena Deck Codes. Both the Starter Kit and Welcome Booster Decks are an excellent opportunity for beginners players to get cards and new decks.

    Expiry and Limits

    Limit 1 Code Redeemed per MTGA MTG Arena Account.
    Note no physical items, only digital cards.

    expires July 1, 2026

    - Decklist

    - Earth Shakers - Red / Green Deck

    Creatures (24)
    Thundering Raiju (Rare)

    Ascendant Packleader (Rare)
    Creepy Puppeteer (Rare)
    Topiary Stomper (Rare)
    Voldaren Stinger
    Timberland Guide
    Lambholt Harrier
    High-Rise Sawjack
    Spore Crawler
    Mounted Dreadknight
    Flourishing Hunter

    Instants (8)
    Witch's Web
    Burn the Accursed

    Enchantments (1)
    Glorious Sunrise (Rare)

    Lands (27)
    Rugged Highlands

    - Up and Away - White / Blue Deck

    Creatures (23)
    Welcoming Vampire (Rare)
    Extraction Specialist (Rare)
    Dreamshackle Geist (Rare)
    Hullbreaker Horror (Rare)
    Unholy Officiant
    Backup Agent
    Wretched Throng
    Inspiring Overseer
    Seven-Tail Mentor
    Stormrider Spirit
    Nebelgast Beguiler

    Instants (7)
    Serpentine Ambush
    Fading Hope
    Kill Shot

    Sorceries (1)
    Consuming Tide (Rare)

    Artifacts (2)
    Brute Suit

    Lands (27)
    Tranquil Cove



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